LAUTECH Undergraduate Portal: The New ePayment Guide

Modified: August 24th, 2012 11:48 AM

Read this registration guideline carefully before starting your online registration. All Fresh Students are to pay for both Acceptance Fee and Tuition Fee from the Fresher's Portal. Current Students on the other hand are required to pay Tuition Fee before completing their course registration. Both Freshers and Current Students are to read the following instructions completely before clicking on the registration link that follows.

Please note that by clicking here to register, creating a portal account, or by logging in, you affirm that you have read and understood all the instructions documented in this registration guide. After completely studying this guide, if you still have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us via our contact section.


You are warmly welcome to fresh/returning Students Portal. Before you begin your registration, we would like you to read the instructions provided on this page. The University now runs ePayment solution for all its fees collections and this require you to be adequately informed on a number of things. First of all, you would be using any interswitch enabled ATM card to pay electronically. While we have done our best in providing a suitable platform for all our ePayments, you must be careful of the manner in which you make your payments!

  • Avoid paying in public cafes for reasons such as card hijacking, misplacement, or theft, which you can not be certain about
  • Avoid disclosing your pin to anyone to pay on your behalf, or if you must, change your pin to something simpler before you say it to someone else
  • Avoid loading your card with amount more than the fee you are to pay (We already implement preventive measures but the payer's carelessness may override such in which case, we become helpless in the matter)
  • Avoid joining a mass registration centre. Extreme precaution is needed in making online payments which includes repetitive confirmation of naira figures displayed on multiple windows.
  • Avoid absent-mindedness while proceeding with your registration. Read all instructions on the screen (Even when someone else is helping you out). Take note of your transaction references, registration ids, inside a diary/notes or some other related materials
  • Avoid loosing your registration documents. Whatever you note or print should not be misplaced till you are financially or totally cleared from LAUTECH
  • We hope that you find this approach seamless, but should you encounter any awkward transition during your registration process, feel free to contact us through the contacts provided in the contact us section


  • I - Payment Information
  • II - Why Create Portal Accounts
  • III - How to Pay: A Detailed Description of Payment Steps
  • IV - Summary of Payment Steps
  • V - Registration Period
  • VI - Contact Us

I - Payment Information

Read the following summary of payments for undergraduate programmes effective from 2011/2012 session. Please note that 100 Level Registration must be completed on the fresher's admission portal first of all. Once you have successfully obtained a Matriculation number, you can start using this undergraduate StudentPortal for the remaining registrations. Also, Payments using Scratched Cards has been revoked effective from this session. Intending students can only pay from within the Portal after login, via the Lautech Interswitch Integration Platform, using their ATM Cards (more details available below). Any card lingering in the public as unused would have to be repaid.

2011/2012 Fees (For 100 Level Harmattan Semester Registration) 2011/2012 Fees (For 100 Level Rain Semester Registration)
Acceptance Fee: Visit The Fresher's Portal Tuition Fee: Visit The Fresher's Portal
Tuition Fee: Visit The Fresher's Portal    
2011/2012 Fees (For 200 Level Harmattan Semester Registration) 2011/2012 Fees (For 200 Level Rain Semester Registration)
Full Tuition Fee Payment: =N= 65,000:00 (Oyo State and Osun State Only) Tuition Fee Balance Payment: =N= 32,500:00 (Oyo State and Osun State Only)
  =N= 72,500:00 (Other States)   =N= 36,250:00 (Other States)
Tuition Fee Part Payment: =N= 32,500:00 (Oyo State and Osun State Only)    
  =N= 36,250:00 (Other States)    
2011/2012 Fees (For 300 Level Harmattan Semester Registration) 2011/2012 Fees (For 300 Level Rain Semester Registration)
Full Tuition Fee Payment: =N= 40,000:00 Tuition Fee Balance Payment: =N= 20,000:00
Tuition Fee Part Payment: =N= 20,000:00    
2011/2012 Fees (For 400 Level Harmattan Semester Registration) 2011/2012 Fees (For 400 Level Rain Semester Registration)
Full Tuition Fee Payment: =N= 40,000:00
2011/2012 Fees (For 500 Level Harmattan Semester Registration) 2011/2012 Fees (For 500 Level Rain Semester Registration)
Full Tuition Fee Payment: =N= 40,000:00 Tuition Fee Balance Payment: =N= 20,000:00
Tuition Fee Part Payment: =N= 20,000:00    
2011/2012 Fees (For 600 Level Harmattan Semester Registration) 2011/2012 Fees (For 600 Level Rain Semester Registration)
Full Payment Fee: =N= 40,000:00 Tuition Fee Balance Payment: =N= 20,000:00
Tuition Fee Part Payment: =N= 20,000:00    
  • All Fees are payable via the LAUTECH InterSwitch Payment Integration Platform
  • Note that a transaction fee charges of =N=300:00 per transaction apply for all payments made via InterSwitch

In order to pay, stalites would generally login and select 'Pay Tuition Fee' link after which the page flow would automatically redirect to interswitch gateway to make your payment. Prepare for making your payment online by having the following information close-by, as you will be required to make it available once you proceed on registration:

  • Basic contact information for payment bookkeeping including Surname, Othernames, Email, Phone and Contact Address
  • Scanned Copy of Passport Photographs and Signatures (20kb size limit for each) which could be rejected if found blurry or unsatisfactory
  • “Card Number”, “Expiry Date”, “Card PIN” and “CVV2 Code”
  • Ensure that you have sufficient funds in the card represented above as quoted in this section

II - Why Create Portal Accounts

The Undergraduate StudentPortal has been designed to sufficiently identify and manage programme activities of all enrolled LAUTECH Students. Portals in general, are Web Applications designed specifically to relay information to specific targetted audience.
The University Management will relay all important information regarding its functions to the students via this medium.

There are three (3) distinct category of information the Portal Requires from users

  • Basic Biodata Information as indicated in the Payment Summary section above
  • A working email and telephone number
  • A Password that is NOT easily forgotten

The information that follows after this section is still undergoing revision and would be updated as deemed neccesary.

III - How to Pay

There are three (2) distinct fees defined and payable by all students using the stalite portal platform

  • Tuition Fee (See Amount Above)
  • Late Registration Fee (There are no information on this at present)

Both the Tuition and Late Registration Fees are payable only from within the Portal.
Follow the following steps to pay acceptance fees and register a portal account.

  • Stalite steps: Stalites students who already have a registered portal account need no extra registration step
    1. Stalite (current) students, must login with a valid matric number and password
    2. After a successful login, two steps is required, Email Verification and Upload of a scanned copy of Passport/Signature, before you can pay
    3. Email Verification establishes a communication channel between the student and the portal. Portal requires it for sending notification for payment success / failures
    4. Course registration requires an up-to-date passport which must be uploaded before payment can be made possible
    5. Email Verification and Passport Upload must complete successfully before any payment is allowed.
    6. All part-payments have been downplayed effective from this session. This policy still leaves out what to do when the student is running an extra semester, which in effect put all affected students in the position of paying tuition fee in full. This section would be updated once there is any change in the school's policy.
    7. After noting the directives indicated above, Payment of tuition fee can be performed after a successful login has been made into the portal by clicking the 'Pay Tuition Fee' and confirming the page flows that follows as they are made available
  • When Email Verification will fail: All students verifying email should note that,
    1. email verification will fail if the email being verified exists for multiple students with different matric numbers. In this scenario, such student should either try a new email or request for alternative ways out via the stalite support email at the bottom of this page.
    2. email verification will also fail if the student verifying email is not currently logged in.
    3. The aim of email verification is to ensure that confirmatory emails are sent to portal account owners for all major processes performed on the portal
    4. In view of the above, we also expect all verified emails to be unique across all students, so students reknowned for using their emails to register for multiple students would either use a new email or request for alternative way out (the alternative way means we send them the matric of all the students their email is tied to so that they can correct each individual email, after which the reknowned student's email would be verified)
  • Freshers' Steps: Freshers' first step includes completion of admission process via the fresher's portal '' Once they have a matriculation number, they must register a portal account on this portal for course registration and subsequent tuition payments to be made possible in subsequent semesters.
    1. The specific process flow for moving fresher's record into the undergraduate portal is being deliberated and this section would be updated once the deliberation is through.

V - Registration Period

  • Closing Date: February 23rd, 2013

VI - Contact Us

While we have done everything neccesary to ensure a smooth payment process, some exceptional situations may occur. Should the situation persist, reach us via listed contacts below:

  • Department: Information and Communication Technology Department, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso.
  • Working Hours: Week Days
  • Address: LAUTECH ICT, LAUTECH, PMB 4000, Along Ogbomoso - Ilorin Road, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.
  • Telephone: 038817377