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Update This is to inform all students that following the directive of the university management, tuition fee payments and course registration is now opened and will last till tomorrow 4pm (Friday - 21/03/2014). We hope that this priviledged opportunity will be maximized by all concerned students who are yet to complete their registrations.

Introduction This is stalite portal. Stalites would complete their registration activities on this platform. The registrations include both payment and course registration. You will need your matric number and password to login. If you dont have a matric number, visit admission office to resolve your admission status. Report all complaints at ICT Building, Ogbomoso Campus. Best Wishes!

Caution!!! All students should endeavor to have a printed copy of course forms and payment receipts as early as possible before registration closure and examination commencement. This may be the only way to ascertain the verity of some complaints. Having course forms and receipts at this time also guarantees that complaints (if any) can be detected early and looked into promptly. All complaints based on documents other than ones generated on the Student Portal in due time will be dismissed! Irrelevant complaints lodged and dated after registration closure or during examination period will be considered false and ultimately dismissed. Be warned!

Special Notice: This is to inform all students that registration is now opened to all according to the rain semester calender published by the university registrar. All freshers/100L students to create their portal accounts duly and complete their registrations duly. Pay early to avoid network congestion problems, and don't expect complaints to be treated during exam period. All payments made on freshers portal can be imported via the course registration page. All stalite portal registration protocols remain binding on all freshers effectively. January 21st, 2014.

Osogbo Campus Notice: This is to inform all clinical students in osogbo campus that registration is now opened to all as stated above. Pay early to avoid network congestion problems. All complaints should be reported at ICT Ogbomoso following due process. January 30th, 2013.

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